Boozy Jews!

LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture is a program of the 14th Street Y that uses classic Jewish texts to inspire the creation of art.

Every year we celebrate our new fellows with DRUNK, an evening of wine and performance inspired by Jewish texts.

LABA | DRUNK ’17 © Basil Rodericks 2017

This year the teachers were the redoubtable Ruby Namdar, author of The Ruined House, and the illustrious Liel Liebovitz of Tablet Magazine. Our sommelier was the gifted wine merchant Ronald Jordan.

Click below to see videos of our teachers and fellows talking, drawing, acting and dancing about wine.


LABA teacher Liel Leibovitz

God Is a Battlefield

The daily battle between our animal natures and the divine.

Not Every Time Does a Miracle Occur

Choose your drinking partner carefully.

LABA teacher Ruby Namdar

Be Not Among the Winebibbers

Proverbs tells us to avoid drinking. Namdar thinks we’re going to do it anyway.

My Father, the Drunkard

Dad’s a drunk. But he stills has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Tal Beery

Biometrics 3

Art created in the span of a single breath.

Tal Gur

A Sketchy Bottle

A drunken argument with God.

Amy Handelsman

Confessions of a Red-Wine Lover

A woman articulates her debilitating obsession with the fruit of the vine.

Jess Honovich

A Toast to My Baby Sister on Her Bat Mitzvah

Somebody should have kept sis away from the booze and the mic.

Jon Adam Ross

Carnal Regrets of the Patriarchs: A Triptych

Or: Greatest Hebrew Hangovers of All Time.

Zohar Tirosh-Polk

Drunk Musings

Drunken verbal Gematria with images and dance.

Brandon Woolf

Egg Dream Procedural

A short play in which the innocuous egg cream takes on sinister meanings.

Jacob Siegel

Jacob missed the evening, but you can investigate his work here and here.


We hope you enjoyed this selection of tipsy Torah from hammered Hebrews. After closing out another year of LABA Journal, we raise our glasses to you, our much-appreciated readers.