Grandfather Visit – Dance Testimony

by 2021 LABA Fellow Doron Perk When I started to work on a dance piece to honor the memory of my grandfather, Prof. Kalman Perk, I knew I would use Mendelssohn. He loved classical music, mostly opera. He knew all the names of composers and singers. Mezzo, a channel for mainly operas and ballet, would

Cultural Appropriation and the Yemenite Step

LABA Second Stage Presents Hadar Ahuvia’s “Everything you have is yours?” LABA Second Stage provides LABA alumni the opportunity to develop the ideas that came up in their residencies. Hadar Ahuvia first developed her piece, “Everything you have is yours?” as a LABA fellow. In the piece, performers mirror the dance steps of archival footage

More artists. More wines. More texts. One night only.

On Saturday, November 18th, at 7:30 PM at the 14th Street Y, LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture will kick off its 10th season with DRUNK, an intoxicating evening of art, performance and Jewish texts. Below, LABA fellows Yael Sloma, Tal Gur and Zohar Tirosh-Polk reveal their drinking habits (or lack thereof) and serve up

“birds sing a pretty song” returned May 4th

LABA Alums Maxx Berkowitz and Rebecca Margolick returned to the Theater at the 14th Street Y for a second stage production of birds sing a pretty song May 4- 7 for a sold out show. The OPENING NIGHT party on Thursday, May 4th, was a success! Thoughts from the creators, Rebecca Margolick and Maxx Berkowitz: birds sing a

Hadar Ahuvia, “Everything you have is yours?”

On Thursday, March 16th, LABAlive Two: Others will present an evening of art works and subversive teachings exploring our annual theme, OTHER. The evening will feature teachings by LABA Scholar Ruby Namdar and works by fellows Abigail Katz, Gordon Haber, and Hadar Ahuvia, who will present her dance-work-in-progress, Everything you have is yours?. Here, Ahuvia

An Inside Look at Yehuda Hyman’s, The Mar Vista

For the past three years, Brooklyn playwright, dancer, choreographer and actor Yehuda Hyman has been developing The Mar Vista, a five-part narrative of his Jewish working-class family’s saga. The piece, generated as a collaboration with the Mystical Feet Company (Ezra Lowrey, Ron Kagan, Amanda Schussel, Ryan Pater, Dwight Richardson Kelly), has been running since December

Meet Fellow Hadar Ahuvia

Hadar Ahuvia is a Brooklyn based performer, choreographer and educator making dances grounded in physical research and political consciousness. Her work has been presented at New York Live Arts, EMPAC, Dixon Place, CPR, Brooklyn Studios for Dance, Danspace Project’s Draftwork, Aunts, Catch, Roulette, The Whole Shabang, and Eastport Art Center, Maine. She has performed for

Rebecca Margolick and Maxx Berkowitz discuss “birds sing a pretty song.”

On Thursday, April 7, and Saturday, April 9, LABAlive will present two evenings of dance, interactive media and film from fellows Rebecca Margolick and Maxx Berkowitz. Here, Margolick, a dancer, and Berkowitz, a composer and graphic artist, talk about “birds sing a pretty song.” and the inspiration they found in our house of study. Tell us about your project. This project is

The Mar Vista

Presented by LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture, as part of NYTF’s KulturefestNYC THE MAR VISTA  THE MAR VISTA, a dance/theater work written and choreographed by Yehuda Hyman in collaboration with the Mystical Feet Company (Ron Kagan, Dwight Kelly, Amanda Schussel and Hyman), is a fractured memoir about an American Jewish family. Taking place over