Deep Love, Pain, and Heartbreak

“My plays…come from a deep love and pain and heartbreak.” —Zohar Tirosh-Polk In an exclusive interview, playwright Zohar Tirosh-Polk discusses LABA and her play Theo’s Dream, a wild exploration of the life of Theodor Herzl, founder of Zionism. Come see a  reading of Theo’s Dream by Zohar Tirosh-Polk at the 14 St Y Theater on Friday,


On Thursday, May 31st, LABALive Two will present an evening of subversive art and teachings on this year’s theme, WAR & PEACE. The evening will feature LABA teacher Liel Leibovitz and works-in-progress by LABA Fellows Tal Gur, Jacob Siegel and Amy Handelsman. For those looking for a taste right now, here is 2016-2017 LABA alumna Laura Beatrix

Black History Month – An Epilogue

Marking the closing of Black History Month, LABA alumnus Kendell Pinkney condemns the habitual pigeonholing of him as Jew of color, and calls for a thoughtful conversation around how Jewishness intersects with various forms of otherness.   When the email landed in my inbox, I groaned aloud. “Would you be interested to write a short

Cultural Appropriation and the Yemenite Step

LABA Second Stage Presents Hadar Ahuvia’s “Everything you have is yours?” LABA Second Stage provides LABA alumni the opportunity to develop the ideas that came up in their residencies. Hadar Ahuvia first developed her piece, “Everything you have is yours?” as a LABA fellow. In the piece, performers mirror the dance steps of archival footage

LABA Second Stage Presents Keren Moscovitch’s “One More Way: Revolt!”

Each year, LABA Second Stage provides LABA alumni the opportunity to further develop the ideas that came up in their residencies. Keren Moscovitch’s fascinating installation One More Way: Revolt! can be seen at the Theater at the 14th Street Y. Thursday, February 1, 7-10 PM Friday, February 2, 4-8 PM Saturday, February 3, 5-8 PM Sunday,

Can Peace be ever achieved in the Middle East?

The Seventh Day: Israeli Literature Fifty Years After the Six-Day War Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting each other over a small piece of land for almost a century. Despite many attempts to resolve this blood-soaked conflict, no one can see an end to it. What elements within Israeli society make a just peace for

Romeo and Juliet face Israeli Reality

Dr. Shirli Sela-Levavi, a literary scholar, returned from our The Seventh Day Festival for Israeli Literature with illuminating insights into the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Jewish-Israeli relations to its Other. Romeo and Juliet face Israeli Reality Last week, as part of the ongoing festival for Israeli literature, The Seventh Day (curated by LABA’s

LABA Alumni Respond to OTHER: Andy Teirstein

TRANSLUCENT BORDERS By Andy Teirstein Composer Andy Teirstein is a 2014-2015 LABA alumnus. His work, inspired by the rich and diverse folk roots of modern culture, has been described by The New York Times and The Village Voice as “magical,”  “ingenious,” and “superbly crafted.” A student of Leonard Bernstein, Henry Brant, Bruce Saylor and David Del Tredici, Teirstein

LABA-BA’s Tova Shvartzman on OTHERNESS

SHIBBOLET Tova Shvartzman for LABA Journal At this very moment I have a concrete experience of the Other. This current Other is the English language. It is not a friendly Other like a neighbor. It is an alien Other. I need to express myself in this foreign tongue to establish connections between creativity and work with you all here today. In

Brief Reflections on the Jewish Question and Our Current State of Political Affairs

By LABA Fellow Gordon Haber The Enlightenment brought us many wonderful things: the Declaration of Independence, Mary Wollestencraft, the concept of gravity, etc. It also brought some ideas that from our 21st century perspective may strike us as pretty weird, as in the Jewish Question. This question was sometimes referred to as Jewish “emancipation” — meaning