Naked and Ashamed

What’s so funny about nudity in Judaism? LABA Fellow Charles Gershman digs in. I can’t remember how many times I dreamt this, but it happened at least once and I’ve never forgotten: in this dream, I am in my grade school, walking around in a very public place, and I realize suddenly I have no

The Revisited Golem

LABA Buenos Aires, or LABA BA, was the first LABA satellite program to emerge outside of the NY mothership. Sharing Jewish text and incubating new Jewish culture through art is the LABA mission that we are proud now extends globally. We are excited to announce that this winter, LABA BA will be co-presenting with the Theater at the 14th Street Y, A

The Forbidden Conversation

Created by Gili Getz Actor and Photographer Gili Getz presents a deeply personal one-man performance that explores the difficulty with the Israel conversation in the American Jewish community. While visiting Israel during the last Gaza war in 2014, Gili experienced difficulty talking about the path Israel is on with his father for the first time

“In Touch with My Place in the Universe”: an Interview with Yehuda Hyman

Yehuda Hyman is a dancer, choreographer, actor, writer and LABA fellow (2013-14). He talked to Amy Handelsman, writer and LABA Fellow (2017-18) about his immigrant parents, growing up gay and Jewish, his career as an artist, and his new play, The Mar Vista: In Search of My Mother’s Love Life. Hyman wrote, directed, choreographed, and

Welcome 2018-2019 LABA Fellows!

  Ronit Muszkatblit, Artistic Director LABA, on this year’s LABA fellows. Welcome to a new year of LABA. A new year of ancient questions. A new year of investigating the two given things we all have in common: Life and Death. From the moment we come into being until the moment we are no more,

The Wound Itself Bestows The Blessing

LABAlive is a unique celebration of art, theater, and Jewish texts. This Thursday, May 31st, at 7.30pm, playwright Amy Handelsman will be showing an excerpt from her work-in-progress, LOVE BY TKO: Life Lessons in the Ring (theatrical excerpts from my memoir). (Click here for tickets!) Below, Amy describes her thoughts on boxing and Judaism. Common

Notes on (and Pics of) the In[heir]itance Festival

It’s been a long journey to get to this point: the In[heir]itance Festival is finally up and running at the Theater at the 14th Street Y, and I couldn’t be more excited. Do you have your tickets yet? It’s forty-one performances in nineteen days of five plays created around the country, each inspired by the

LABAlive (and in my dreams!)

LABAlive I: War & Peace on 3.22.18 featured works-in-progress by three of LABA’s current cohort. Fellow Jon Adam Ross returned from the show caffeinated, disquieted, elated and eventually superpowered. Here he reflects on his experience. I’ve been having trouble sleeping. Maybe it’s all the coffee, or maybe it’s the nightmares about pathological grandmothers escaping boxcars during the Holocaust

Super Play

On Thursday, March 22nd, LABALive One will present an evening of subversive art and teachings on this year’s theme, WAR & PEACE. The evening will feature LABA teacher Liel Leibovitz and works-in-progress by LABA Fellows Brandon Woolf, Tal Beery and Jess Honovich. Here’s Jess on how she developed her upcoming theater piece. Rarely do I get the opportunity to bridge