Seven Raiments of Captivity

A modest offering for a woman who had just lost everything. BY LITAL DOTAN A profoundly disturbing LABA session discussing the behavioral rules in a state of war and battle, specifically behavior with captive women, instigated my interrogation into the route of the captive towards her new identity. A WOMAN OF A GOODLY FORM is she who is

Lital Dotan discusses “Second Floor”

On Thursday, June 2, LABAlive will present “Boundaries,” an evening of multi-disciplinary works-in-process exploring our relationship with beauty. The evening will feature teachings by Ruby Namdar and work by fellows Shanti Grumbine, Lainie Fefferman, and Lital Dotan, who will present an excerpt from her play, Second Floor. Here, Dotan talks about her project and the inspiration she found in our house of study. Tell us about

Meet Fellow Lital Dotan

Artist Lital Dotan dedicated most of the past decade to creating utopian environments for performance in the domestic sphere. Her Brooklyn-based Glasshouse ArtLifeLab, co-founded with Eyal Perry, is nourishing artists and audiences across generations and disciplines. She is the founder of Que sal mah, the newly launched concept boutique that merges performance, art and fashion.