Alan Jinich

Alan Jinich  | Multimedia Storytelling  

Alan Jinich is a multimedia storyteller interested in the extraordinary tales of everyday people, particularly emerging adults. While studying neuroscience and English at the University of Pennsylvania, Alan co-founded the oral history project, “Generation Pandemic.” Since then, he’s gone on to report stories for national outlets and experiment in the world of sound.

LABA project description 

Using WhatsApp voice memos and other recordings, my project will explore the duality of day and night across long-distance relationships. In ancient times, the world was experienced as either day or night. Today those boundaries no longer hold true. Through a vast network of satellites and deep sea cables, business meetings and family calls can happen across continents. Our deepest despair, most powerful longing, and brightest ideas can become shared experiences no matter the distance or time of day. The longing for people and home, tension between real and imagined worlds, is what I want to explore in this project. It’s a tale as old as time for the Jewish people. 

What only comes out at night?

Moon shadows 

What only comes out at night? Moon shadows