Elisheva Gavra

Elisheva Gavra | photography, writing  

Elisheva Gavra is an artist, photographer and writer based in New York. Her work has been exhibited at the Jewish Museum (New York), and The Broad Art Center (Los Angeles), among others. Her work is contingent on her belief that the reproduced imagephotographyis a device of both indoctrination and emancipation, and that that mystical attribute is a defining character of any human language. 

She is a recent MFA graduate in photography from Columbia University, and a 2023-24 participant of the Interdisciplinary Art and Theory Program in Manhattan. 


LABA project description  

Nothing Spirit is a performance work in which I am joined by 2 other people to do a table read of a play I wrote. The performance may be perceived as a live rehearsal for a forthcoming show. The play is an argument between two friends. They argue about a third person that one of them is having an intimate relationship with. That third person is a figure that exists only in photographs. And so, the two friends are a photographer and a historian and they go back and forth, across countries and times, trying to convince each other of what this love is for.

What only comes out at night? 

whatever has no capacity for the day

What only comes out at night? whatever has no capacity for the day