Kori Koolman   

Kori Koolman | Performance

Kori Koolman is a multidisciplinary artist, performer, and art educator living and working in Brooklyn. Koolman graduated from the photography department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem and holds a master’s degree in fine art from Rutgers University 
Her works have been shown at galleries and film festivals worldwide, including The Jerusalem Film Festival, Julie M. Gallery for Contemporary Art (Tel Aviv), 700IS Experimental Film Festival (Iceland), and the Gimli Film Festival (Canada). Her pieces have also found a home in renowned institutions like the ISCP, Xiangning Art Museum, and the Figge Museum. 
In 2015, she embraced the avant-garde movement form of Butoh, primarily practicing with the New York Butoh Institute. While a resident lecturer at Kyoto University of Art and Design, she humbly studied under Butoh masters Ima Tenko, Yoshito Ohno, Seisaku, and Yuri Nagaoka. Kori’s unique approach to Butoh culminated at the 2022 Butoh Queer Festival at Brooklyn’s Brick Theater, where she performed her self-choreographed piece, “Har Addam.


LABA project description
The project, titled “Imprinting” is a performance piece that combines Butoh and Dream Work methodologies. “Imprinting” aims to construct a framework where meaningful performative relationships unfold organically, giving rise to a new fictional family and inviting participants to delve into the subconscious and challenging societal notions of care, control, dependence, and loss.