Nechama Winston

Nechama Winston  | photography and video  

Nechama Winston is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in New York City. Working within photography, video, and archival media, her work has been shown at the International Center of Photography (New York City), the Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania), and the University of Oslo (Norway), among other locations nationally and internationally.  

Winston is the co-founder of New Poetics Publishing, an artist-run, independent publishing house based between Bogotá and New York. She received an MFA from Bard College-ICP, and a BA in Art History and Behavioral Neuroscience from CUNY Hunter College.

LABA project description 

During the LABA Night Fellowship, Nechama Winston will finalize “From Dusk to Dawn,” a film focusing on a more subtle and nuanced contemplation of labor, describing vivid, embodied descriptions of lightness and darkness, experienced by a primary character who undergoes various medical procedures. The film is about a character who is trying to deal with grief from an event, as she questions how her total attentiveness to the real might be slightly hallucinatory. The script’s tone draws inspiration from various novels and poems, the primary one being “Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass” by Bruno Schulz (1937). The dialogue weaves between the narrator’s internal conversation and reflections with herself and with the overbearing doctor, who she consults with to try and help her overcome issues with perception and memories of the past. The narration describes abstractions of lightness and darkness the character sees at night, as well as her sensory perceptions of time passing. It focuses on questions of how memory is recorded, stored, and altered through the process of physical perception and recall, propelling more questions around what we see and believe with our eyes. 

What only comes out at night?  

Darkness comes out at night – in all its beauty, sadness, truth, and mystery. Night reveals clarity in the shadows, in the unknown. 

What only comes out at night? Night echoes our thoughts and feelings back to us.