Chanan Ben Simon

Chanan is a composer and a multimedia artist who was born in Jerusalem and now lives in Brooklyn. Chanan’s work combines voice, sound, visuals, installation art, and new media. Chanan creates Interactive multimedia performances Such us “Telepresence”, with Yifeat Ziv, created for Israel Festival, Jerusalem, 2020,  “The Dino Show”, with Inkyoung Bae, presented in Vanderbilt gallery NYC 2018, EMAF festival in Korea 2019 and Museum for Digital Art, Hulun Israel, 2021, “The Weather Channel”, with Inkyoung Bae, presented online in Korea, Israel and the US in 2020 and presented live in the OilTank gallery, Seoul 2021, and “Fire Heart” with Inkyoung Bae, 2021, presented in Lift Off festival, NYC and NEMAF, Seoul.

His albums include “Toy Store” (2016) produced by ANOVA record label, “Bedroom POP” (2019), and “Party Tears”, (2021-2022), released under the stage name ‘Ben Simone’, accompanied by flamboyant video work. His music is often played on Israeli radio and TV.

Chanan has also worked with many different contemporary composers, performed with various orchestras, and other chamber ensembles. She writes music for stage and film, and is a member of the voice-movement ensemble ‘Constellation Chor’.

Chanan holds a B.mus in composition from the music academy in Jerusalem and an MFA in performance and interactive media from Brooklyn College.

LABA project:

“Wax & Flame” started out as an attempt to create a sculpture made of voice. The attempt to create a voice sculpture sent Chana to an exploration of the voice as a material, and its different qualities.

If you could break one thing, what would it be? 

I’d break the internet <3