Danielle Alhassid

Danielle Alhassid is an Israeli multidisciplinary artist, living and working in New York. She is a graduate of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (2020), Amsterdam NL and is currently studying for her MFA at Hunter College, New York. Her works involve stop motion animation, video, print making and performance. She focuses on the intersection of memory, identity, immigration and the urban experience as her main subjects of investigation. Alhassid’s work was shown, among other, in the Ron Mandos gallery, Het Ham exhibition hall, the Holocaust Museum and the Stejdelik museum in Amsterdam,  Liebling Haus, Grosso Modo Gallery and StudioBank Tel Aviv, Azriely gallery, Jerusalem and Holon theater, and was sold to private collectors. Her film, “Song of the Stone” won first prize in the students’ film competition, Musraramix festival, Jerusalem (2020). Alongside her work as an artist, Danielle is also a tour guide specializing in art tours and urban culture. Performance pieces inspired by the experience of guiding were presented at the  Het Hem exhibition hall, “Manofim” festival, Jerusalem conference of art (2020), in Musraramix festival, Jerusalem (2021) and at Liebling Haus ,Tel-Aviv  (2022).

LABA Project Description:

In my LABA project I wish to farther develop ideas I have been toying with for a while now. I wish to present a series of short stop motion animation works that will be spread across few spaces and would draw inspiration from texts that discuss relations between femininity, taboo and women’s writing and reading in early 20th century New York. These works will tell, through the juxtaposition of object, image and text, how the intersection of civic freedoms and press technology impacted the lives of jewish women. I intend to select moments and poems from the lives of a few yiddish speaking immigrant women poets, to which I will give an audio-visual expression concentrating on their reaction to the interrelated interdictions relating to women’s voice, education, literacy, corporality and sexuality.

What Taboo would you like to break? 

Kol be’isha erva- prohibiting women from expressing their desires – is a major taboo still in play, which I enjoy breaking.