Introducing the 2017–2018 LABA Fellows

laba-journal-war-peace-stump-01A year ago I dreamt our LABA theme, WAR. This is not really how it goes. We don’t choose a theme just from a dream but through our thoughtful and inclusive process at the 14th Street Y where we “walk the talk” and really have dialogue with our stake holders about what should be a theme at the core of our world, this was a very serious discussion.

To open it up a bit more we decided to define it as WAR & PEACE. The & being crucial because really can one exist without the other? This theme seemed to be the perfect combination of times and themes aligning. Too “perfect” is what we all fear.

LABA is celebrating its 10th year. After ten years of study, we are mature enough in our process to handle these questions with depth and gravitas. We know that we can push boundaries because of the trust and support within our community.

I am honored to share this journey with 10 inspiring and opinionated artists; the 2017-2018 Fellows Tal Beery, Tal Gur, Amy Handelsman, Jess Honovich, Ishai Shapira Kalter, Zohar Tirosh-Polk, Jacob Siegel, Yael Sloma, Jon Adam Ross, and Brandon Woolf.