LABA-BA Fellows

Meet the 2015-2016 LABA-BA Fellows who will be joining us for our exploration of BEAUTY:

LABA-BA-Fellow-1Aaron Nachtailer is a clothing and fashion designer. He is 28 years old and lives in Buenos Aires. Aaron got his start under the wing of Mariano Toledo, with influences from hip hop and urban artists, and finds in designing a new way to express himself and interpret the works of his references. Contests and participations took him to New York, where he found one of the main influences for his looks: the mixture of different elements that together give origin to a new one.


LABA-BA-Fellow-2GRAFÍAS Verónica Vitullo and Mariana Sosnowski, image and sound designers, are a duo of artists. Both are researchers and professors at the University of Buenos Aires. In 2006, with the intention of do-think/think-do, they began a journey to investigate the audiovisual field with a morphological approach.



LABA-BA-Fellow-3Iacov Azubel creates contemporary jewelry. He likes to tell the story of what is behind each piece of jewelry, from the inspiration until the completion. Iacov also takes the use of the materials out of context and experiments with new technology and concepts.



LABA-BA-Fellow-4Pedro Alperowicz is a “tea sommelier.” He combines his knowledge of tea with the theatre, producing thematic shows where you can enjoy an attractive and exotic experience, set inside ongoing theater pieces. Pedro teaches courses on tea, designs themed events, and has written articles on the culture of tea in different countries. Pedro has also worked at food companies and participated in several theatrical productions.


EL BAILE Gerardo Litvak  is a director, choreographer and professor at The National University of the Arts/IUNA and at the National University of San Martín/UNSAM.



Sebastian Burecovics is a “Monstruologist,” as classic monsters have always LABA-BA-Fellow-6interested him. Sebastian began writing short stories in elementary school, but he was drawn to work with images, and graduated as a film director. He has worked as a non-formal educator, started his own production company, collaborated on several films, and worked as a copywriter and screenwriter for TV shows. Recently, Sebastian reunited with his literary past.


GABRIEL LICHTMANNGabriel Lichtmann was born in Buenos Aires some years ago; it is impossible to specify how many because he refuses to reveal his age. He graduated as a film director at the Universidad del Cine (Cinema University). Since then, his work has included a variety of formats, from short films, documentaries, commercials, and video clips to TV programs and feature films. He won several national and international awards for the screenplay of his short film El Séptimo Día (The Seventh Day).



Ariela Mirelman is a visual artist trained in various disciplines; drawing, painting, jewelry and sculpture. Since a few years she is very committed to social work by linking to the most vulnerable sector of society. Nowadays, she dedicates to paint murals in institutions that attend people with social, economic and health deficiencies linking art and social work as a way of accompanying and transform every day ́s life of those that go to such institutions.


LABA-BA-Fellow-11Lila Fabro has musical training in diverse instruments, including violin, piano and guitar, and in music writing. She is interested in the intersection between art production and academic research. In her ongoing project, Lila will integrate actors and stages of the process of linguistic change for idishcastellano (Yiddish-Spanish).



LEANDRO JACOBAndres Martin Segal is an artist and architect and develops both activities mainly in Argentina and Brazil. A bold experimenter; he mixes in his artistic works a deep critical sense mixed with an acid humor. He studied engraving and painting, and film directing. He seeks to represent in his paintings the essence of gesture, in a single stroke. He worked at advertising agencies, in art and audiovisual production.



LABA-BA-Fellow-12Leandro Jacob is a printer and a publisher who aims to develop an expressive medium called “artifact of literacy around,” from and to the beauty. He will do it through readings about times and traditions, nurturing the past, feeding the present and invoking the future.



LABA-BA-Fellow-13Silvana Ovsejevich It is an architect and does scenography, installations and cultural management. She currently directs PANAL 361, an art space devised and created by her. PANAL 361 is very influenced by her personality, in both the activities carried out there and, especially, the cultural management of the space. She works in the theatrical field.