Marcelo Knoblovits

Marcelo Knoblovits Who am I?  My purpose is to figure it out, through music, through poetry, through art. What can I offer? Sounds and words. Dust and stones. Art, sometimes need a justificaci√≥n but does music need it too? I have composed songs since my youth in Buenos Aires. I finished the secondary school in Israel where I found a new old beautiful language to sing and communicate.

Years after, in Argentina I developed, with some colegues, a few bands of latinamerican music. And then I met a comedian that was just starting, and I began to work with him, mixing stand up and music, and today he is one of the most famous and remarkable comedian in Argentinian and Latin American scene. We still work together. Beyond everything, I have my songs, in which I work every single day, and some nights. Which are the substance of my artistic development.