Meet Fellow Abel Goldfarb


Loud sounds of silence.
The emptiness everywhere.
Yet we all were there.

Abel Goldfarb began his career at an early age: At 15 he established his first production house and at 17 he received his first award. Today, with more than 20 years of career, his vision has stood out at the highest international level, both in the commercial and artistic fields. He was part of the team that made the animated film “Metegol” (underdogs) 2013, the biggest cinematographic production in Latin America to the date, as well as Mini Beat Power Rockets, a television series for Discovery Kids, which received a nomination for best series at the Emmy Awards. He collaborated in dozens of music videos with some of the most important artists in Latin America and Europe such as Café Tacuba and ZAZ. And he directed international campaigns for some of the world’s largest companies such as Pepsi and DC Comics. His latest production, “Ian, a moving story” was distinguish in more than 130 international festivals including the world wide premiere at the Cannes International Film Festival, endorsed by the Argentine film institute


There are stories that deserve to be told, stories that point the lights to some topics that we all can relate to and that we all owe some deep thoughts.
I believe that behind this wonderful historical character that lived in San Francisco by the end of the eighteen hundreds, is a fantastic story for a feature film. I would love to investigate and write a script on Joshua Abraham Norton, Known as Norton the 1st, Emperor of the United States of America.

Joshua was an immigrant, born in a jewish family of England, raised in South Africa, he made a fortune and lost everything. On September 17th 1859 after falling into absolute poverty, and spending one year practically living on the streets , He declare completely discontented with what he considered the inadequacies of the legal and political structures of the United States and proclaimed himself “Norton I, Emperor of these United States”.

The San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin printed the announcement for humorous effect. But without any real authority or power, he managed to win the hearts of an entire city. San Francisco decided to play the game of this peculiar character and pay him honors worthy of a royal monarchy. He became a beloved celebrity in the streets a living legend of his time.

When he died the initial funeral arrangements were for a pauper’s coffin of simple redwood. However, members of a San Francisco businessmen’s association called the Pacific Club established a funeral fund that provided for a handsome rosewood casket and arranged a dignified farewell.[18] Norton’s funeral on Sunday, January 10 was solemn, mournful, and large. Paying their respects were members of “all classes from capitalists to the pauper, the clergyman to the pickpocket, well-dressed ladies and those whose garb and bearing hinted of the social outcast”.[16] It was reported that as many as 10,000 people lined the streets, and that the funeral cortège was two miles (3 km) long.


I would say that the sudden decision to move from Argentina to NYC at the beginning of 2020, and deciding to stay even in the middle of a pandemic with no clear perspective or proposals in sight.