Meet Fellow Jon Adam Ross

JON ADAM ROSS has performed his solo plays in over 90 cities around the globe. His newest endeavor is the ambitious In[heir]itance Project, a national series of devised plays inspired by sacred texts. Jon has performed at the Guthrie Theater (MN), Playhouse on the Square (TN), and in NYC where his stage credits include: a dog, a 2,000 year old bird, an elderly orthodox Jew, a spurned housewife, a horse, a British naval officer in 1700’s Jamaica, a goat, Jesus Christ, a lawyer, a hapless police chief, and a cyclops. Jon holds a BFA in Acting from NYU/Tisch.


My project is the culmination of a three year, five city national theater series of devised plays inspired by stories from the book of Genesis.


The Rebecca Play – Script – Jon Adam Ross

What is your favorite East Village spot?

Crif Dogs

What is the place that most inspires you?

An empty stage, also Yankee Stadium, also Lake Buckatabon in Conover, Wisconsin at sunset