PULSO- Carina Toker & Gabriela Esterovich

Pulso (Pulse) is an artist collective formed by Carina Toker and Gabriela Esterovich. Carina is a show director and choreographer, and Gabriela is a visual artist and art teacher. Their views have aligned in this new project space, after they met in 2018, at Laba BA study sessions. 

In 2019, Carina presented her children’s theater play ‘A Golem from Buenos Aires’ at the 14th Street Y Theater in New York City, where she invited Gabriela to develop an educational program focused on the potential of the plot to work on values education. 

Motivated by the spirit of Laba in such interesting experience working together, they now formed Pulso, an artist collective, with the purpose of conducting research and generating new art creations.

Gabriela Esterovich 

Gabriela is a visual artist and educator, two passions that weld and guide the vision of her work.

A Graduate in Graphic Arts from the University of La Plata in 1991, she has developed her work through projects that involved different media, printmaking, photography, visual poetry and art books.

Her works have been presented since 2006 in exhibitions, contests and biennials in Argentina, Bulgaria, Austria, Spain, Germany, the United States and Israel, obtaining prizes and awards.

She has taught visual arts for 30 years at Scholem Aleijem School in Buenos Aires. She leads her own art studio, ‘Taller del Patio’, dedicated to art and childhood since the year 2000.

In 2019, she designed and carried out educational activities for the children’s theater play ‘A Golem from Buenos Aires’, by Carina Toker, presented at the 14th Street Y Theater in New York.

She is part of the artist collective ‘Pulso’ alongside Carina Toker, which was recently selected for the study grant LABA-BA 2021.

Carina Toker 

Carina has been a choreographer, theater director and creator of original events and shows, and a teacher for more than 30 years.

Carina has an educational background in contemporary and classical dance, in music and musical theater, in choreographic composition and Israeli dances with great masters of Buenos Aires, New York and Jerusalem. 
She was a dancer, and later a director, of the Jewish-Argentine Dance Company ‘Darkeinu’ for 17 years, and she was guest choreographer at foreign companies, obtaining significant prizes and international awards.
She is a creator of ideas, scripts, staging of shows, theater plays and audiovisual products, such as ‘Chagall Chagalito’, ‘Klezdanz’ or ‘Una vida iluminando’ in homage to Eliahu Toker.

Carina Toker has been a teacher at the Scholem Aleijem School in Buenos Aires for a decade, where she has created shows, plays and audiovisual productions with children and teachers. She is currently working on the creation of the Art Department in the school.
In 2017, Carina Toker obtained a grant from LABA-BA with ‘A Golem from Buenos Aires’, a multi-award winning theatre play, declared of Cultural Interest by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires (Mecenazgo) and selected by LABA to be presented in December 2019, after two seasons in Argentina, at the‘14th Street Y Theater’ of New York.

She is part of the artist collective called Pulso (Pulse)along with Gabriela Esterovich, which has been recently selected for the Laba-Ba 2021 study grant.