Meet Fellow Zohar Tirosh-Polk

Born in Brazil to Israeli parents, Zohar continues to explore the idea of home and the possibility of peace in her work. Her plays: Pieces, Land/Holy, Home/Front, The Zionists, Theo’s Dream, Waltz, and Six have been produced and developed at the The New Group, Magic Theatre, The Lincoln Center Theater’s Director’s Lab, New Repertory Theatre, The Cape Cod Theatre Project, The Jewish Plays Project, Rising Phoenix Rep, Silk Road Rising, the Lark Play Development Center, The Brick and HERE. Her English translation of Hanoch Levin’s play, Those Who Walk in the Dark is published in Wanderers and Other Israeli Plays by Seagull Books and her play, The Zionists will be published in the upcoming Semitic Commonwealth anthology. In 2012, she won the Jewish Plays Project’s new play competition for Six. She’s a recipient of the Foundation for Jewish Culture’s theatre grant and a commission from Highbrow Productions. Zohar has a B.A. in Literature and Writing from Columbia University and a Playwriting MFA from Brooklyn College under Mac Wellman and Erin Courtney. She lives in Brooklyn with her actor/producer husband and their two young children.


PTSD: In my previous work and research, I have come to see that perpetual cultural/national and individual trauma is at the heart of many conflicts and specifically, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Can cultural PTSD be addressed? Identified? Healed? Is there away out? Is there a way in? Is there a way toward peace? The play will be made up of four acts:
The characters, I believe, would emerge from our in depth study of war and peace in Jewish texts, research about PTSD (personal and cultural/national) discussions, dreams, interviews and personal experience. The acts may work together to form a cohesive whole play or may be short and repetitive, disrupting one another creating a multi-media experience.



What is your favorite East Village spot?

It used to be the wonderful vegan restaurant Angelica’s Kitchen that just closed. My friends and I are in mourning.

Where is the place that most inspires you?

The Theatre