Welcome to Time

Lily Padula
Lily Padula

Welcome to the beginning of TIME, transparent yet ever-present, a source of comfort and fear and the hidden link between matter and spirit.

This year LABA will investigate time’s ethics and aesthetics, its social and individual cycles, and its presence in our body, our physical environment and our communities. We will read descriptions of the time before time, and speculations about the time after time ends. We will entertain the notion of sacred time as well as the possibility of profane time. We will also examine the structure of time, and how its omnipotence as well as how it resists such constraints.

We look forward to all of you joining in our exploration of time through our new website and our series of LABAlive events. On this site you will find the ancient texts we are studying, as well as our artists fellows’ responses to them. Speaking of fellows, our 2014-15 group is a very impressive bunch, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Ronit Muszkatblit and Elissa Strauss
Artistic Directors of LABA

Image by Lily Padula