Our 2023 theme is TABOO

In 2023, LABA hubs around the world will dive into the theme of TABOO. Clean. Dirty. Sacred. Profane. Okay. Not okay. We moderns like to think we are better than this. That we see beyond these moral categories and inhabit a muddied middle ground, an infinite gray area, in which life, people, things, are complicated.

Yochai Greenfield on “It Gets Bitter”

    On June 16, LABA artist Yochai Greenfeld (New York-2018) will be presenting a full-version of his LABA project “It Gets Bitter” at the Gordon Art Center in Baltimore as part of the Queer Jewish Arts Festival. “It Gets Bitter is a one act dramedy featuring Abbi and Si Gezunt, a mother-son Kosher-Entertainment Duo.

LABA East Bay Gets TIPSY

On Sunday, March 20 LABA EAST BAY hosted TIPSY, a wine, text, art and performance tasting outdoors at the JCC East Bay.

LABA: My Favorite Word of This Strange Year

Like you, in the past year I’ve found myself repeating all sorts of strange words: quarantine, coronavirus, contact tracing. Another word has also entered my vocabulary: LABA. I’m still not quite sure what it stands for, but I know what it brings to mind: the warm, eccentric, and fermented community I’ve been grateful to be

Our Doors Were Finally Opened

On November 7, 2021 the JCC East Bay opened its doors to the public for the first time since Covid came into our lives. The reason was to welcome everyone to our first-ever LABAlive, during which we showcased the work of our CHOSEN fellows. Here’s a rundown of the work: Naomie Kremer TREE OF LIFE

Was für ein Jahr! Das war 2021.


As LABA Berlin’s inaugural year comes to a close, we’re taking a moment to reflect on our program together, especially the last few weeks of exhibitions and shows organized by our fellows and creative team.  We came together in the spring digitally on Zoom, transitioned to in-person learning sessions with our resident scholar Tal over

Bachurs Can’t Be Choosers

I did a thing… With the incredible support of the LABA Fellowship, every step of the way, I am proud to announce the release of my newest album, “Bachurs Can’t Be Choosers”. In this project I pull apart the boiler plate narratives I was fed in my upbringing and challenge the notion of Chosenness from

The Blue Marble

Ari Brand is an actor, musician, and lifelong New Yorker. He has performed on Broadway, off Broadway, and across the country. Brand spoke to us about his current LABA project, a play based on his own experience of discovering that his father, the renowned pianist Natan Brand, lived much of his life as a gay man. Natan Brand died of AIDS in 1990. I had

The Challenge of Godot in Yiddish: Talking to Actor Richard Saudek

By Amy Handelsman The New Yiddish Rep’s Waiting for Godot—in Yiddish with English supertitles—runs through January 27th at the the Theater at the 14th Street Y. Tickets available here. Current LABA fellow Richard Saudek appears as Lucky.  Saudek’s brilliant clown show boop beep appears Februrary 6th through 17th, also at the Theater of the 14th Street Y. Tickets for beep boop available here. In Samuel Beckett’s revolutionary play, Waiting for Godot, we see two sad sacks in bowler hats and suspendered pants: Estragon (nicknamed Gogo) and