On the Power of Fasting by Basmat Hazan Arnoff               Fasting is one of those rare intimate experiences that the whole community takes on together. In Jewish tradition there are three major types of fasts. One, and the most important, is to raise one’s spiritual level. This is thought


On Dylan’s Angelinas and Isaiah’s Fast by Stephen Hazan Arnoff     There are two Angelinas in Bob Dylan’s musical canon. Each offers an approach to human ambition and humility in the face of divinity, and each remains partly hidden in broad daylight for many years. The first figure is the namesake of “Farewell, Angelina.”


A contemporary fable by Sarah Seltzer Share    Izzy had tried fasting, the Atkins diet, the Paleo diet, veganism, lacto-ovo vegetarianism, gluten-free living, the 5/2 diet, keeping Lent, Ramadan, Hallal and Kosher. But now she told us, with a twinkling tone in her voice, she had a new recipe for a total juice cleanse. Total.


A musical exploration of time slowing down By Amir Shpilman When we fast we choose to deny our physical needs in order to focus on our spiritual ones. When we fast we crave oneness, oneness with ourselves and oneness with others. When we fast we hope that allowing ourselves to feel weaker will somehow


When I fast, I feel by Karen Hartman   Share  In my family, even the tiniest delay in eating was an excuse for bad behavior.  Impatience, explosive temper, poor judgment, inability to concentrate, all could be chalked up to hunger.  Even now, if my even-keeled young son gets whiny and ridiculous I will calculate his