Welcome 2016-2017 Fellows

Meet the 2016-2017 LABA Fellows and our theme – OTHER.
Through the study of classic Jewish texts from multiple traditions and historical eras we will explore a variety of ways for the possible existence of the Other, either in real life or in unknown or contradictory imaginative thoughts. Be it another gender, sexuality, nationality,  territory, religion, or school of rabbinic thought, the concept of OTHER envelopes our collective negotiation of social identification. Our various experiences and perspectives shape our personal views, our self image, our positive or negative sense of the Other and our willingness or refusal to incorporate the Other into our life.
We challenge our fellows to relentlessly question — isn’t that what Jewish Culture is about?
Through “A Yiddishe Wagner”, the Los Angeles Riots, “UGGS for GAZA,” and the writing of A Care Manifesto and more, this will be a year of introspection and discomfort as we delve into the unknowns of OTHER.  Join us for a year of philosophical conversation, good wine, and powerful art.  Start by reading more about these fascinating artists’ works and save the dates for the LABAlive series.
May this be a year of deep learning and appreciation of the OTHER.


Shana Tova,
Ronit Muszkatblit
Artistic Director of LABA