LABA-BA’s Tova Shvartzman on OTHERNESS

SHIBBOLET Tova Shvartzman for LABA Journal At this very moment I have a concrete experience of the Other. This current Other is the English language. It is not a friendly Other like a neighbor. It is an alien Other. I need to express myself in this foreign tongue to establish connections between creativity and work with you all here today. In

LABA Lands in Buenos Aires

This year, LABA launched its first international program, LABA-BA: Laboratorio de Arte y Cultura Judía, in Buenos Aires. As in New York, LABA-BA’s fellows are artists across all disciplines, studying classic Jewish texts in a non-religious, open-minded setting. Here, words from LABA-BA’s founder and director, Mirta Kupferminc. Three years ago, I received the first invitation to be an international fellow