The Jew Without Memory

by LABA Rabbinic Fellow Kendell Pinkney Several years ago, I was fortunate to travel to Stockholm with a group of young American and European Jewish lay leaders and entrepreneurs to take part in a Jewish life program. The program was described as a week-long intensive where we would discuss “big Jewish ideas,” study with renowned


JEWISH ARTISTS & MUSEUMS LAUNCH GROUNDBREAKING DWELLING IN A TIME OF PLAGUES. Coinciding with the Jewish holidays of Sukkot and Passover, outdoor artinstallations — in Portland, Ore., LA, Tucson and New York — respond to contemporary crises. At a time when artists, along with countless others, are facingunprecedented challenges as a result of the global

Good Jew, Bad Jew

Current LABA fellow Jared Hoffman discusses which club he’d want to be a member of. This summer, I heard a phrase come out of my mouth that gave me pause. I was eating lasagna at a restaurant called Elegante (it was not particularly elegant) on the Rockaways with my friend Jen and her daughter. Somehow

The Revisited Golem

LABA Buenos Aires, or LABA BA, was the first LABA satellite program to emerge outside of the NY mothership. Sharing Jewish text and incubating new Jewish culture through art is the LABA mission that we are proud now extends globally. We are excited to announce that this winter, LABA BA will be co-presenting with the Theater at the 14th Street Y, A

Is Shavuot the Redheaded Stepchild of Jewish Holidays?

Three times a year—on the Feast of Unleavened Bread, on the Feast of Weeks, and on the Feast of Booths—all your males shall appear before the LORD your God in the place that He will choose. They shall not appear before the LORD empty-handed, but each with his own gift, according to the blessing that

Aliyah and Insults: on Rising Up and Put-Downs

Current LABA fellow Yochai Greenfeld on the witty comments of the Talmudic sages, and why Jews around the world must learn to laugh at themselves more. In our last sessions at LABA, we studied a fascinating passage from the Babylonian Talmud: What is the interpretation of the word Babylonia? Rabbi Yoḥanan says it means mixed,

Rereading the Whole Megillah

A lot of Jewish kids get incredibly excited about Purim. But in my own household growing up it wasn’t a big deal. My strongest — and indeed my only — childhood memory of Purim is when Rabbi Frishman of blessed memory read the scroll to us in Hebrew school. As you probably know, Haman is

Gender Fluidity from Day One

The story of Adam and Eve conjures up so many dichotomies, so many grounds for sexism and for feminism, as well as awareness of the fallibility of all humans. It also gives us the first taste of transgender or gender fluidity when the Torah speaks both “male and female” as created in God’s image: So

8 Things That Most American Jews Can Agree On

These are fractious times for Americans, and the tensions are perhaps even more pronounced among American Jews. As Hanukkah approaches, we’d like to remind our fellow Jewish-Americans that, red or blue, we still have important things in common. Hanukkah candles are a scandal. When it comes to Hanukkah candles, there are only two choices: either

Making Holes in the Torah

2013-2014 LABA alumna Yael Kanarek is an Israeli-American artist. Kanarek spoke to 2016-2017 LABA alumnus Gordon Haber about her female-centric adaption of the Book of Genesis and her upcoming program at the 14th Street Y’s dusk-to-dawn Shavuot celebration on May 19th. The interview has been edited for clarity. I have been adapting Genesis in Hebrew and English.