Tema Noche Espanol

Redoble de tambores por favor… o tal vez, más apropiadamente, un susurro. Estamos emocionados de anunciar que el próximo tema de LABA es NOCHE. LA NOCHE, en la imaginación judía, es tanto una cuestión de tiempo como un estado mental. Nuestros días comienzan por la noche, la llegada de tres estrellas es nuestro primer indicio


Congratulations to the 2023 LABA BAY AREA fellows for their sold-out TABOO exhibition and showcase.   For program info click here. And for images from the weekend click here and here.

Launching event of LABA Barcelona at Casa Adret, June 10th, 2023

LABAbel – Art & Study event    June 10th, 2023, 19–22 hrs Casa Adret – Calle Salomo ben Adret 6, Barcelona. We are pleased to invite you to the launching event of Laba Barcelona, at Casa Adret LABA brings together artists from all backgrounds and disciplines, to study classical Jewish texts, to experiment and to explore

Back to the Future: Utopia 1.0 revisited through Spring 2021 post-vaccinated, mask-fogged lenses this Shavuot

By, 2021 LABA Fellow Annie Berman Our current Zeitgeist is filled with dreams of renewal, reawakening, return – a return to a better world.  Is that even possible? Are human beings capable of creating  a world anew, or can we only work towards reforming, healing. Are there limits to human imagination? I write this as

Every Minute Matters

by, Ronit Muszkatblit, Director of Arts & Culture, Artistic Director of LABA These days, when I watch a movie, or a video of a dance or theater piece, the first thing that strikes me is that I am watching a world from the past: the people are in crowded rooms together, they are hugging, touching

On the Centenary of Prohibition

Current LABA Fellow Sarah Sigal offers a fascinating and very personal look into the role of American Jewry in Prohibition. January 2020 marks the 100-year anniversary of the activation of the Volstead Act, which kicked the 18th Amendment into gear, banning alcohol in the United States until 1933. The Progressive movement of the day thought

Good Jew, Bad Jew

Current LABA fellow Jared Hoffman discusses which club he’d want to be a member of. This summer, I heard a phrase come out of my mouth that gave me pause. I was eating lasagna at a restaurant called Elegante (it was not particularly elegant) on the Rockaways with my friend Jen and her daughter. Somehow


Experience, study, dance, laugh and cry with LABA fellows, alum and collaborators while we spin LABA style at INTO THE NIGHT, downtown’s contemporary Tikkun Leil Shavuot. Check out the LABA offerings below and don’t miss the full program here. What is TIKKUN INTO THE NIGHT? Tikkun Leil Shavuot presented by Downtown Jewish Life. Experience an evening