LABA, the international incubator of Jewish art and culture, kicks off its tenth season with DRUNK 2018 —  an evening filled with art, performance, ancient Hebrew texts and wine tastings to match.  This Saturday, November 18th at 7:30PM, LABA current roster of fellows, LABA teachers, and the community will all join in at the Theater at

Gil Sperling on “A Yiddishe Wagner”

On Thursday, February 9th, LABAlive will present an evening of art works and subversive teachings exploring our annual theme, OTHER. The evening will feature teachings by Ruby Namdar and works by fellows Keren Moscovitch, Michael Gac Levin, and Gil Sperling, who would present his work in progress, A Yiddishe Wagner. Here, Sperling talks about his project with LABA Journal Editor,

Meet Fellow Gil Sperling

Gil Sperling is a multimedia artist and performance maker. He has created short films and video installations, video design for the stage, and multimedia performances. Gil is a graduate of the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem and holds a BA in psychology and philosophy. He spent a year as a fellow at the Academy of Media