“birds sing a pretty song” returned May 4th

LABA Alums Maxx Berkowitz and Rebecca Margolick returned to the Theater at the 14th Street Y for a second stage production of birds sing a pretty song May 4- 7 for a sold out show. The OPENING NIGHT party on Thursday, May 4th, was a success! Thoughts from the creators, Rebecca Margolick and Maxx Berkowitz: birds sing a

Rebecca Margolick and Maxx Berkowitz discuss “birds sing a pretty song.”

On Thursday, April 7, and Saturday, April 9, LABAlive will present two evenings of dance, interactive media and film from fellows Rebecca Margolick and Maxx Berkowitz. Here, Margolick, a dancer, and Berkowitz, a composer and graphic artist, talk about “birds sing a pretty song.” and the inspiration they found in our house of study. Tell us about your project. This project is


BY REBECCA MARGOLICK AND MAXX BERKOWITZ   We were moved by the text we discussed at our LABA session last week, which told the story of Rabbi Ishmael’s children, enslaved for their extraordinary beauty. The story paints a dark image of the deeply seeded extreme voyeurism ingrained in humanity. Beauty drives us to great evil, jealousy and

Meet Fellows Rebecca Margolick and Maxx Berkowitz

Rebecca Margolick and Maxx Berkowitz are a Brooklyn-based integrative and experimental performance collaborative. Rebecca Margolick was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She graduated with an honors BFA in Dance from NYU – Tisch School of the Arts and received the J.S. Seidman Award for Excellence in Dance. Primarily based in NYC, Rebecca is a